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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Traditional or Digital Watercolor?

I've decided to learn the program Corel Painter to play around with digital watercolor. The interface at first glance looks quite a bit like Photoshop, which makes guessing what things do easier, but the brushes and details take a bit of time to understand and master.  I have not made any of my own brushes yet or loaded any that I downloaded, but I was able to create a painting with the limited knowledge I have obtained from watching videos on Lynda. com and YouTube thus far.

Here is a comparison of a simple painting done in traditional watercolor on paper and one done on the computer. I first made the pen and ink drawing and scanned it for use on the digital painting. Then I completed both paintings separately, including washes and salt.  I have yet to find a good dry brush or determine when to use  "watercolor ", "digital watercolor ", or "real watercolor " brushes and layers since they do not cooperate and play well with each other as mix n match. Here is my first attempt at the digital watercolor. I like the wet sky but really need to find a nice dry brush that lets paper grain show through.

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