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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Food Please

I finally finished a fish painting! I have been drawing and painting fish and planning paintings for a year or two, but have never finished one. There was a lot of layering and a lot of lifting on this one. I used a block of Canson paper that I really don't like, but I own it so I feel the need to use it. I couldn't stop working on it until I was done.


  1. Wonderful! You really captured the ripple effect, which is difficult to do. I like the composition.

  2. Pattie,
    You crack me up - you "finally" finished it and you only actually starting painting it on Monday! Man, you are fast! And talented, looks awesome! :)

  3. Amazing! It looks so good! Thanks for inspiring me to try a fish project myself. :-)

  4. Wendy. Yes amazing. A great job. I like your painting. Congratulations.