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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Life 9-12

And the still life still lives...
#9 was another boring way to paint the same. I was learning to paint large washes and playing with the colors and paints. I usually paint on 9x12 papers or smaller, so this is all new to me.
#10 I broke free again. The bottle and vases are still there. Can you see them? This one was really fun.
#11 I was really trying to make the still life more interesting but did not execute this as well as I had hoped to.
#12 I couldn't change the still life, so I added water life to it here. This one was great fun as I could picture it in my head before I started. I tried to take all my lessons in light, shadow, shape, etc into account here and actually plan my picture. I did not do value sketches by hand, but I did create a little picture in photoshop with the paintbrush to model this ahead of time. I think that is a little unconventional but I prefer doing the early planning with a digital sketch instead of the paper one.

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  1. Atta Girl, Patty!! You are doing great! Hanging in is making you dig down where you might not have gone before this class. I can see you have much to say with your art and that your talent is VERY strong. Keep up the good work!