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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still Life 1-4

I signed up for Mike Bailey's workshop "Watercolor Beyond the Obvious". We get a lecture type class on design and then painting critiques and then we go home and paint. He asked us to go home and set up a still life with 3-5 objects and paint it. Little did I know that I had to paint 2-3 20x30 inch posters of this same still life each week for 10 weeks! How many different ways can you paint the same still life without moving it or changing your vantage point?
Here are my first four versions.
-The first one was just what I saw.
-The second was a version with brighter colors.
-The third was my interpretation of my still life as stained glass.
-The fourth was when I got bored with my subject and decided to make it fun.

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